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We do organize an Annual Conference Meeting covering all our “Qualified Active Members”. As per our Standard operative process, we do conduct an Annual Conference meeting once per annual year covering all "Active members" of the respective region. WTCalliance’s Annual General meeting is one of the privileges for our “Qualified Active Member”.

WTCalliance’s Networking event allows to select the partners of your interest from related area. Networking event is the single most productive way to boost your revenues, Promote and expand your company, reach new markets, and raise your company’s global profile.

WTCalliance conferences attract large numbers of freight forwarders from around the globe at one convenient location. Every conference offers its own unique benefits and business opportunities which cannot be easily achieved without Face-to-Face meetings at conferences.

Attending the WTCalliance conferences also saves weeks of travel time and thousands of dollars in travel expenses by allowing each “Active Member” to conduct a maximum number of meetings in one place. Members can manage to conduct big business in a single visit at a WTCalliance member's conference.