About Us


WTCalliance connect to lead the world in the Logistic partnering.

With over 1000+ members and Registered Corporate office in the United States and other franchises around the globe. WTCalliance is the world’s best and most powerful network of independent freight forwarders. The company has been formed to create a worldwide network that offers the most comprehensive network solutions for logistics and forwarding business. WTCalliance provides Business and management consulting services related to international freight and logistic services.

Our online member platform provides global networking services for freight forwarders and other logistical service providers, which is by means of network marketing promotion, Business development, transaction, settlement platform, financial protection, and other diversified services. With plentiful domestic and international resources of logistics service. WTCalliance aims to be The World's Best Logistic Network.

Aims to be The World's Best Logistic Network service provider to valued member.

WTCalliance is a network where members work very closely together and take good care of each other’s business or part of the business. Apart from these, WTCalliance focuses on creating a safe & and secure global environment on which shippers, consignees, and traders alike can count.

Our slogan “We connect to lead the world” illustrates our philosophy. We simply focused on connecting the world's best independent freight forwarders to make the most reliable and sufficient logistics network in the world. If you are a professional freight forwarding company and you would like to be our valued partner, then you are welcome to approach us at support@wtcalliance.com .

Our Vision: To be The World's Best Logistic Network.