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WTC Financial Protection (WTCFP)


WTCalliance helps to make sure that their valued partners will conduct business with highest security & with maximum possible surety to recover financial lose which may occur due to financial transactions with members internally. WTC provide financial protection as per protocol so that our partners can do business more focus fully & effectively with peace of mind.

we do have a concrete Enrolment & Compliance process to follow. Which helps to implement strong internal control process as well as high qualified corporate environment at WTC. Our high professional admin & compliance Team strictly investigate and do thoroughly check on the finance , management & reputation part of each new membership application.

Also, we do specific scrutiny for the credibility before certifying someone as our “Active Member”. Hence, new member can only be enrolled to our system after following necessary assessment and processes.

Apart from that WTC send warning alerts and regularly circulate the blacklists detail to all our valued partners. These processes help to create good awareness and reduce the financial risk to our valued members.

As per WTC Alliance’s unique Financial Protection plan, we support to our partners with financial protection up to $ 50,000.00 USD which is already included in our “ WTC Standard” membership plans & financial protection up to $ 100,000.00 USD which is already included in our “WTC Premium” membership plans as per terms & conditions. Also, would like to bring it to your kind attention that there is no Financial Protection included in “WTC Connect” & “WTC Basic” membership plans. However, you may either upgrade your plan as per term or add-on “WTCFP” to your existing plan by paying additional premium as per term.

*please refer our term & conditions and policies on Financial Protection plans or contact our support team for getting more details on the same.