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New Member ANNOUNCEMENT - MDB Freight Solutions Ltd ,GB
Expiry Date: 14-05-2025

MDB Freight Solutions , Founded on Proven Global Experience 

MDB Freight Solutions was founded by Mark Boggis in September 2018, Mark has had an extensive career in the freight & Logistics industry , spanning over 45 Years 

After spending his early years with Fedex he subsequently worked for UK Freight Forwarder and become the architect in transforming their global ocean and air offerings, as well as developing a network and overseas agent strategy to enhance operational capbilities and customer solutions. Marks extensive experience in the freight forwarding , logistics and network industry has allowed him to travel the globe, thereby enabling him to devolpe and appreciate a deep understanding of differing cultures and customs, an invaluable learning to support a successful business collaboration.  In 2018 Mark established MDB Freight Solutions an organisation dedicated to supporting the freight and network industry worldwide.   

Partner Services
- Air Charters - Air Consols - Automotive - Export Air Forwarder - Import Air Forwarder
- Export Ocean - Export Ocean Forwarder - Import Ocean - Import Ocean Forwarder - FTL
- LTL - Air-Sea operations - Customs Bonded Warehouse - Class 2 - Class 3
- Class 4 - Class 5 - Class 6 - Class 8 - Class 9
- Aerospace - Aircraft charter - Dedicated road freight - Scheduled air freight - Ships Spares
- Trade Shows and Exhibitions - Trucking - Storage Facilities - Vehicles - Courier Services
- Trade Shows / Exhibitions

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